What customers are saying about eFENCE1®…

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and some exerpts from letters we have received from clients over the years…

D.H. of North Haven, CT
Terrier Mix, Cock-a-Poo, Bouvier

“We have three dogs and our jobs force us to keep long hours including some overnight stays. This fence system gives us peace of mind, especially combined with an electronic dog door for the dog’s safety and comfort!”

C.K. of Guilford, CT

“My Keeshond, Zoe ran across a busy street every day to chase the cows in the pasture. When she finally came home, she was covered with mud. Now that we have the system, Zoe stays on our side of the road, safe and sound!”

M.D. of Orange, CT
Black Lab

“Our puppy was on the system in no time. It is great not having to do leash walking any more. I can not imagine not having this system!”

M.M. of Waterbury, CT

“Thanks eFENCE1, for keeping Jontu safe inside our veterinary office!”

S.S. of Redding, CT
Yellow Lab

“We have been extremely pleased with the system. Installation was quick; training our puppy was easy; the pricing estimate was reasonable and accurate; and without fail, the fencing system has functioned as described.”

“[eFENCE1] returns our calls promptly when we have question or concerns. We can’t recommend them highly enough!”

L.T. of Greenwich, CT
Cocker Spaniel

“Thank you for answering my distress call so promptly. I’m sure my house will be a lot cleaner now!”

E.G of New Canaan, CT
Black Lab

“We spent a good amount of time evaluating different systems with which to contain our lab -Tugger – and our choice of eFENCE1 has proven itself several times over. The service level upon initial installation, the availability of customer support and, most importantly, its ability to hold Tugger within the boundaries of our yard have been exemplary. Thanks Again!”

J.M. of Cheshire, CT

“Your installation was fast, thorough, and you happily answered my hundred-and-one questions.”

“[Our dog] Scully reliably stays in the yard despite squirrels, cats, dogs on either side of her, and loads of people who walk their dogs past our front yard. I just love opening the back door for her and watching her tear off after squirrels. She never catches them, but that doesn’t seem to bother her.”

S.O. of Waterbury, CT
Black Lab

“Your outstanding attention to your customer’s needs is something that evinces your commitment not only to your product, but also to the clients that you serve.”

A.S. of Orange, CT
Springer Spaniel

“[eFENCE1] has the most reliable, knowledgeable and skilled installers. They also knows dogs and how to train them to accept the system without problems. Should a problem arise with the system, [eFENCE1] is readily available to take care of it.”

“When it comes to my opinion of [eFENCE1] – I can say this without hesitation having dealt with them for many years – They are the best there is. A little old-fashioned business ethics perhaps; they just don’t make them that good and honest any more.”

L.F. of Greenwich, CT
Mini Schnauzer, Yellow Lab

“We especially like the battery conserving device the dogs wear; it’s good not to have to buy new batteries every so often.”

“Best of all, we are confident that our animals are safely within the confines of our own property when they go out. If you ever need anyone to recommend your service or your product, just ask us!”

S.G. of Cheshire, CT

“You have a thorough understanding of the technical side of electronic fencing and meticulous attention to detail in the installation process.”

“You give excellent personal service in explaining the training process needed to optimize the use of an electric fence.”

G.A. of Orange, CT
2 Chocolate Labs

“I am the owner of two chocolate Labradors. The older dog 11 years old and is blind. The younger dog is two years old. When [eFENCE1] installed the fence system, I was nervous about the older dog being able to be restrained safely because of his blindness and age. Our younger dog was only 3 months old at this time. Not only did they install the fence quickly, they took the time to explain HOW to train the dogs so they would learn the boundaries. I guarantee that if any dog owner follows the simple, but important training instructions, they will be thrilled with the results.”

M.M. of New Haven, CT
Golden and a Cat

“[eFENCE1] worked with me to design a system that could be set up safely and out of sight in this 80-year old complex of buildings at Yale University. I have been pleased with the results.”

“They quickly answer every question we’ve ever had about the pet enclosure system, and they have always responded quickly to any concerns we’ve had. We have found them reliable, and we know that they are the sort of local business people who will be here whenever we may need them in the future.”

B.E.M. of Orange, CT
Cocker Spaniel, Maltese

“[eFENCE1] continues to be one of the most reliable, knowledgeable businesses we have dealt with. We’ve had our fence for nearly 5 years.”

“We appreciate having the comfort level and reliability of a wonderful product and a qualified installer to call if needed. Thank you eFENCE1!”