WHY eFence1® Pet Fence Systems?

If you are visiting our site, it’s probably for one of these reasons:

  1. You are worried about your pet’s safety
  2. You are wondering if electronic fencing is right for your pet
  3. You are considering a pet containment system, but don’t know how to evaluate the choices
  4. You are tired of the problems, poor quality, attitude and service of your existing pet fence and provider
  5. You need replacement components, collars, batteries or pet fence repairs for an existing fence

Here is why you need to call eFence1® Pet Fence Systems:

All electronic pet fencing systems are not the same and they are only as good as the expertise of the company that installs and services them. Every installation is unique in some way, which is why real knowledge and experience is so valuable. We really do have 25 years of actual hands-on experience in this business. That means when we come to your home to design and install your pet fence and train your pet, we can answer all your questions and handle any situation that may arise. We know how to anticipate and mitigate issues that the others would never even think about. When you choose eFence1® Pet Fence Systems you get the job done the right way the first time.

If you cherish your property and your pet, eFence1® Pet Fence Systems is your only choice for electronic pet containment systems. We’re the best value for your investment, because we strive to deliver better quality and service than you expect, and we stand behind that promise.

  • You get our personal money-back guarantee
  • We treat your pet and your concerns like they were our own
  • We’ll listen and then show you how we can help based on your situation
  • We’ll give you options and won’t sell you what you don’t need
  • You get the attention of the company’s owner, who is on site for most installations
  • You get only high quality materials
  • You and your dog are properly trained for mutual satisfaction
  • You always speak with knowledgeable personal, not a third-party or call center
  • You have choices of packages and payment methods
  • You can opt for off-site training for your pet, so your pet arrives home already trained
  • Our products work with competitors’ systems
  • We can convert existing fences to work with our superior features and benefits without starting over
  • We offer a no hassle, lifetime manufacturer’s warrantee- no registration hassles, no hidden charges and no deductibles or fees for as long as you own your fence